The Company

X-TraX was founded in April 2007 based in Canzo, in the province of Como. X-TraX specializes in the design of integrated GPS products with advanced features, for use and application in various industries. In recent years we have collaborated with many professional companies in the services market, contributing to increase their profitability, using their own brand. With passion and decades of experience on GPS devices, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to key technologies, unique technical expertise, innovative engineering approaches, a strong work ethic and high quality standards, we have convinced our partners to establish long-term collaborative relationships with mutual benefits. Our team is another reason for our success, is competent and able to handle even large volumes. Our flexibility is one of our strengths that we can hardly find elsewhere.
We are able to offer our partners a complete and highly professional system, complete with customized Software platform and high quality reliable Hardware, together with the support necessary for a correct system management.
Our products comply with the International Directives and Certifications for use in the professional field.
With more than one million GPS devices worldwide, X-TraX is one of the leading professional providers of GPS solutions with high performance and reliability. Our philosophy is to support our partners in the growth and leadership of the advanced technology market by reselling the best services through our systems. We firmly believe that, when strengthened thanks to collaboration, this market will still see us among the main protagonists for the future.