X-TraX Group

we offer the best solutions for monitoring and safety of vehicles, things and people

The Company

X-TraX was founded in April 2007 and headquartered in Canzo, near Como. X-TraXis specialized in conception of most advanced, integrated and user friendly GPS products which has been widely-used in commercial and military field, where reliability and stability are most concerned. Over the past years, we have cooperated with many companies which are professional in service market in increasing their business, using their own brand. With the passion and more than 10 years of accumulated experience on GPS devices, we have been devoted to supplying the best products and services to fulfill our customers’ needs. With leveraging core technologies, unique technical expertise, innovative engineering approaches, a strong work ethic and high standards of excellence, we successfully convinced our customers to built long-term and mutual benefit partnership between each other


The System

X-TraX is able to offer a complete and highly professional system that integrates a software platform and a suite of hardware devices. The architecture of the system is treated in detail to ensure maximum efficiency in any situation and is designed to offer high standards of monitoring and safety for vehicles, things and people, 24h / 24h. Moreover, thanks to the versatility of the software platform it is possible create customized services for the end user. It is important to underline that the systems proposed by X-TraX are studied and developed directly by competent personnel who have experience and professionalism in the fields of logistics and security


GPS technology combined with GSM/GPRS communication channel allowed to operate in different applications ensuring high level performance, but low operating costs. There are three main applications where our systems can make the difference: Safety& Rescue, Transportation and Working applications.


Our hardware devices are the latest generation products approved according to international guidelines.





The GPS technology combined with the GPRS offered by X-TraX offer the possibility to operate in different sectors, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency. We cite three sectors in particular: security and emergency response, transport and work.

Safety is one of the most sensitive fields where highly professionality is required in order to guarantee the best, quick and reliable service to people who needs help. In this case, technology can help to optimize the efficiency and reliability of Rescue service
Transportation is the most increasing field, where most interesting and complete applications are requested, such as Track & Tracing services (fleet management, drivers management, real-time monitoring, etc.) and Security service (advanced anti-theft systems, 24 hours monitoring service, etc.). Our systems are able to satisfy all this.
Within the workplace environment, applications may vary according to their intended use, so it’s important to offer smart and customized services in order to satisfy end users requirement. Especially in this case, our system can help you making the difference, thanks to its reliability and extreme flexibility.